The Chronic Boss Collective is a membership
for ambitious business women living with
chronic conditions designed to help
them dream big AND prioritize their health.
No trade-offs. 


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Women living with a chronic condition (from autoimmune to mental health to ADHD, if it’s chronic…it counts!)

Women who are career-driven
and wildly ambitious

the collective is right for:


Women committed to lending their knowledge and learning from others to collectively level up our careers.

Monthly Virtual mastermind with the entire national membership!
This jam-packed event will include:


KICKOFF:  Led by our Founder and designed to help you get after your health and career goals this month.

  Expand your reach and visibility and deepen your connections with the Chronic Boss Collective membership.

  Opportunity to submit a challenge you're facing ahead of the meeting and then break into small groups to harness the power of the collective and mastermind it.

  Lightning round of your top "ask" to get support where you need it most!

Membership Includes:

Monthly Boss Boost webinars lead by members and industry leaders presenting in their “Zone of Genius” designed to help you level up in your career.

Get featured on our social media and have the exclusive opportunity to contribute to our media arm.

Member Spotlight


Monthly in-person meet-up for chapter based members – a mix of networking and fun! We’ll connect over coffee, lunch, co-working, an activity or cocktails/mocktails.

Monthly wellness event centered on taking care of you. From mindful movement to gluten-free bake-alongs!

Boss Breaks: Wellness 

Membership Includes:

Boss Boosts: Professional Development 


per year for
in person chapters




per year for the International
virtual membership




- Mariah Gale

"The support, resources, and health hacks that the Collective offers will be absolutely priceless for entrepreneurs. Finding a way to work with my condition has supercharged my business.
My revenue actually doubled."

Your Time Is Now:

In Person

In Person


ps: founding members lock
their rate in for life!

your company benefits from
your professional development...

…so why not ask if they’re willing to cover the cost of a chronic boss membership?

we wrote
the letter for you!

  • We believe in the power of the collective membership to fuel our career and health.

  • We believe our lived experience with chronic conditions is an asset in building our careers.

  • We are committed to being champions of career journeys that embrace a balance of ambition and self-care.

  • We show up as our authentic selves, always.

  • We believe in paying it forward and holding out our hand for the next generation of Chronic Bosses.

Our Values

In 2024, we will offer a select number of scholarships for women who are ambitious changemakers that will both add value and get value from the membership. There are currently no scholarships available for the Founding Membership. 

Founding members will pay for membership in 2023 but it does not activate until we officially launch programming in January 2024 and will remain active until January 2025 at which point your membership will auto renew unless you decide to cancel. 

Do you offer financial aid?

When does Founding
Membership activate?


Well friends, it’s broad! If you have a health challenge that impacts you regularly…it’s chronic. Undiagnosed? Join us! Anxiety, depression, ADHD? Join us! Living with a “classic” chronic condition like MS or Crohn’s? Join us!
Still unsure about what qualifies? Feel free to drop us a note at

What qualifies as a
chronic condition?

YES! Absolutely. If you’re an ambitious business woman…we want you on board! We have an incredible cohort of women eager to mentor up and coming rockstars. Let the Chronic Boss Collective be your launchpad!

I am just getting started in my career. Can I still join?

No. In fact, the Chronic Boss Collective is for women who have walked into support groups and didn’t jive with them (No shade on support groups, they can be a great resource!) This, however, is a business forward group that supports one another in achieving our career goals while prioritizing our health.

Is the Chronic Boss Collective
a support group?

People pay attention to what they pay for. Free members are less engaged. We want engaged members. The collective knowledge of our members paired with the benefits is worth a much higher price tag than our membership! We promise.

Why don’t you offer a free
version of the membership?

Calling all my Chronic Bosses

Are you an ambitious business woman living with a chronic condition?

Are you ready to level up your career?

Are you ready to connect with fellow bosses that just "get it"?

Are you committed to maintaining your health?

Are you a trend-setter, go-getter, and change maker?​

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