Meet Lilly


I am an 

I prioritize my

I am an 

I prioritize my

I have yet to find a space that holds these two statements to be simultaneously true as a woman living with multiple chronic conditions...

health & self care

ambitious businesswoman

Cheers to your health & wealth,

... So I created it. 

There’s something brilliantly unique about ambitious women living with chronic conditions. They possess their own brand of resilience, fire, passion, and work ethic. 

It is my belief that harnessing the collective power of these women to help each other level up in our life, health, and careers will be pure magic. 

Cheers to the future of the most powerful women’s networking group to date.

The Chronic Boss Collective was born out of my own lived experience. I am an ambitious and successful entrepreneur that prioritizes my health and self care out of necessity. It’s the only option if I wish to keep my autoimmune diseases in remission.

Through my first business, Patient Authentic, along with my work as a patient advocate, I’ve had the privilege to meet extraordinary women living with chronic conditions and changing the world.